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Hidea History


September 23, 2008 , Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery Co.,Ltd Established.

HIDEA first 2 stroke outboard motor started successfully, and passed 200 hours continuous operation test


In 2009, Hidea xiasha Production line launched

2009-The first Hidea 2 Stroke Outboard Motors started Mass Production .


2010-The first Hidea 4 Stroke Outboard Motors started the Mass Production

Through cooperation with the European SUZUKI dealer NIMAG, Hedia 4 stroke outboard motor entered the Europe market successfully.


Hidea Released the world's first clean energy natural gas-powered outboard motor, and enter America Market. Until now, Hidea is still the unique company of natural gas outboard manufacturer and export to USA.


HIDEA invested over 50 million RMB to establish outboard motor parts production base in Sanmen Zhejiang, covering over 10000㎡

Has 6 sets of die-casting machine from 200T to 1250T, 18 sets of Hyundai Machining center, and cathodic electrophoresis production line.


2013- Hidea Linping Manufacturing base begin to build


2014-Hidea Linping new Manufacturing base put into operation.

Linping manufacturing center is the most advanced production line in China outboard motor industry. the design capacity is 60,000 sets of single-class, most of the equipment imported from Germany, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan.


November 10, 2015, Hangzhou HIDEA Power Machinery Co., Ltd. founding meeting and the first shareholders meeting convened victory, It marks Hangzhou HIDEA power Machinery Co., Ltd. stand on a higher starting point, and entered a new era of development.


Hidea applied for in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) and became a pubilc company successfully.


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