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A common problem solving method for Outboard Boat Motors(1)
Feb 08, 2018

It is difficult to start the ignition for the first time.

New engine with cylinder and oil are in unused condition, internal without fuel, so start will be more troublesome, need to try several times, but after the first successful start, later every time a easy, hand up to 3-5 times can be done, general can ignition success at a time.

In short, the machine should adjust the damper properly at startup.The damper has three gears, and two sections can be pulled out in moderation.You need to master the adjustment during the startup process.

The effect of the red spiral rope on the outside of the ship.

Then red spiral pull on the rope a need to plug into the machine head above the red "off switch" on the lid, keep the flameout switch is closed, the other a head is fixed on his wrist, its effect is, when the driver accidentally from a moving ship is drowning, pull on the rope can be immediately shut down the engine, make ships won't won't leave them.

The outside of the ship is out of water.

Machine mouth will keep state of spray water in the process, this is the normal state of cooling the engine, please stop the machine immediately to check if found hydraulic hole not, not to continue driving, lead to this situation because most neutral acceleration caused by high speed rotating engine, so want to absolutely avoid engine neutral high-speed!!!!!

Because the inlet hole is small, so there is also the debris of the river can be blocked, please check timely.

Backward shift forward gear problem.

Have sometimes reverse customer response will become forward gears, this problem is mainly due to the shift was caused by not timely pop-up "reset spring", the main reason is that in the high-speed forward gears directly shift to reverse, should stay neutral slightly in to reverse.

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