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Advantages and disadvantages of inboard engines and outboard engines.
Sep 09, 2018

Inboard engine advantages:

* Most inboard engines are diesel engines, which are more reliable, save money, are cheaper to maintain, and eliminate the risk of gasoline.

* A marine diesel engine can be used for almost a lifetime if it is well maintained (many diesel engines in their 30s are still working on the ship)

* The weight of the engine is at the bottom of the ship, so it is a good ballast for improving the stability of the ship.

* The inboard engine is usually invisible and will not be thought of - nor will it affect the beauty of the vessel's appearance.

* In general, most inboard engine ships have more power generation and are therefore equipped with more powerful navigation systems and equipment.

* The propeller is deep in the water, thus reducing the possibility of idling due to the tide

Inboard engine drawbacks:

* The inboard engine is heavier and the speed of the ship will be slower.

* Usually installed in a narrow space, so it is more difficult to repair

* It is difficult and expensive to remove or replace an inboard engine. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the fiberglass hull to get it.

* If the inboard engine is removed, it is much more expensive to change a new inboard engine than to replace a similarly sized outboard engine.

* Inboard engine occupies a large space in the cabin

* When the propeller shaft is disengaged from the bottom of the ship, the inboard engine requires a shaft seal, which increases the risk of water in the ship (although it rarely occurs, but it is fatal)

Advantages of the outboard engine:

* Easy to operate on the outboard of the ship

* Easy to disassemble

* In most cases, the engine can be raised or tilted to remove the propeller from the surface of the water, making it less dragging during navigation – and reducing the risk of entanglement or breakage in the water

* Some engines can be moved according to the fixed way to increase the helm performance in a narrow space

* New four-cylinder engine, quieter, no vibration

* Outboard engines are cheaper than inboard engines

Outboard engine shortcomings:

* Many people think that the outboard engine makes the boat look ugly.

* Because the propeller is not deep into the water, the propeller may idling when the stern rises in the rough sea

* Unless the vessel has a relevant good design, the fuel tank may be placed in a strange or even dangerous position

* Old-fashioned two-cylinder engine will be noisy, smog

* An oversized engine that is too large will cause the vessel to lose balance

* Just like other decisions when buying a sailboat, the best type of engine depends on your intended use of the vessel.

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