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Identify the quality of the ship outside the machine is good or bad
Sep 27, 2017

One, look at the appearance. First look at the shape design you like it. Second, look at the quality of paint, good engine paint quality to go through at least 5 to 6 layers of treatment, paint spray is very uniform, very strong metallic luster; and paint adhesion is better, you can simply draw the grid method to judge. Sea outboard machine (outboard machine) paint is treated by 7 layers, and is the Japanese technology to produce metal paint, so that the paint evenly, glossy, and strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance.

Second, look inside. First open the top cover to see if the internal layout is neat, the alignment is rules. Second, look at whether the use of materials stress, in the off-board machine (outboard machine) absolutely can not appear iron parts, if there will be rust phenomenon, very affect the service life. Look at whether the formal parts, some key parts in the engine, generally invisible, but can see some, such as spark plugs, sacrificing the anode and so on. The extracurrant machine (outboard) The general use of the spark plug is NGK, the sacrificial anode is produced in Canada.

Third, look at power. But this is generally difficult to determine the consumer, but the general large aircraft (outboard) plant has more than three dynamometers, used to measure different power, there will not be a big problem. As far as I know, some small domestic aircraft (outboard) plant without dynamometer, power size is their final say, this quality is not how reassuring.

Fourth, look at the use of. First look at the engine is easy to start, the factory before the boot engine are generally faster start, as long as the operation is correct, generally no more than 5 can start. Followed by the idle speed is stable, rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration will appear flameout phenomenon.

Five, of course, see the ship outside the machine (outboard) is not only the engine itself, as well as the brand of accessories to ensure capacity, service capabilities, etc., here I do not do one by one. Hope that the majority of consumers or try to choose a large ship outside the machine (outboard) company's products, which can not guarantee the quality, and follow-up services can keep up, after all, outside the machine (outboard) is a security Requires a very high product, the choice must be careful.

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