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Marine engine control principle
Sep 27, 2017

Marine host control can be divided into the following categories according to the size of the ship

1, all electronic control, the bridge installed a messenger, the cabin host installed a servo motor to control the throttle opening, clutch installed a solenoid valve to control the reversing

2, mechanical, with the fine wire from the bridge to the cabin host

These two methods are used for small ships, the need for power is not.

3, electric - gas, the bridge issued an electrical signal to the cabin to control a number of solenoid valves, solenoid valve in the compressed air, with the compressed air to control the host

4, directly with compressed air, the bridge put a precision regulator, through different pressure to control the master throttle opening, through the stomatal valve to control the gear box is reversing operation.

These two are basically used on the ship.

Marine engine than the car's biggest advantage is that the ship parts are basically single-type, cylinder head of each cylinder, a high-pressure oil pump and so on a car machine together, is a combination of, To dismantle a big beach, the ship who is bad on the demolition of who, to reduce the workload, the ship on the big, so the machine does not consider the volume when the volume is done.

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