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Marine engines use inferior heavy fuel easily wound
Apr 07, 2018

1. Poor quality of heavy fuel oil (commonly used in 1500s, some as high as 3000s), which makes it difficult to atomization of fuel oil.

2. Low quality heavy fuel oil has a high sulfur content (commonly used around 3%, some as high as 4.5% to 5%). The corrosion wear of cylinder liner and piston is greatly increased. The sulfur content is very high, and the S02 and S03 produced in the combustion process form sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid. If it falls into the crankcase, it will cause serious corrosion.

3. Low quality heavy fuel oil has more asphaltene and residual carbon content. If the combustion is incomplete, the piston ring will produce a large amount of carbon.

4. Low quality heavy fuel oil ash is also larger, whether it is soluble or insoluble, it will aggravate the wear of piston ring and cylinder liner. It contains vanadium, copper, sulfur and other compounds, and the resulting sediment can cause high temperature corrosion of the exhaust valve.

In conclusion, the use of inferior fuel oil has many disadvantages to the safety and reliability of Marine engines. The use of high quality Marine engine oil can greatly reduce or prevent the above situation.

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