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Outboard machine failure causes
Sep 27, 2017

1. Outboard engine operation is unstable

cause of issue:

 (1) spark plugs are dirty or damaged.

 (2) improper installation of outboard motors.

 (3) fuel into the engine blocked, the possible reasons are: fuel filter block. The fuel pipe is disengaged or kinked. Fuel tank filter blocked. The anti-siphon valve is stuck. Fuel pump is faulty. Ignition system components are faulty.

2. Outboard engine power is insufficient

cause of issue:

 (1) throttle not open enough.

 (2) the propeller is damaged or improperly sized.

 (3) engine timing are not allowed, improper assembly adjustment.

 (4) armored vehicle load distribution is not appropriate.

3. The battery is not charged

cause of issue:

 (1) battery connection line loosening caused by poor contact.

 (2) battery electrolyte liquid level is too low.

 (3) the battery is old or inefficient.

 (4) electrical accessories use the battery over.

 (5) alternator, rectifier and voltage regulator are faulty.

4. Outboard speed is low, outboard speed can only reach 3900-4200 r / min, it is difficult to more than 4500 r / min. Engine start difficult.

cause of issue:

 (1) electric fuel pump if you do not work for a long time easy to rust.

 (2) After 100 hours of use, it is easy to overheat.

 (3) gasoline and oil quality and fuel ratio is not ideal.

 Alice relay burned

5.cause of issue:

Alice switch is a consumable parts, if the outboard motor from the Alice in place after the timely closure is not easy to burn Alice relay.

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