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Outboard machine maintenance tips
Sep 27, 2017

In the maintenance of foreign aircraft when we have to pay attention to some matters so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, pay attention to the following four aspects

1. When servicing an off-board machine, the electrical system and the ignition system may be subject to destructive short circuits or serious shocks, so the connection cables on the batteries must be disassembled first.

2. If the air intake or the exhaust port is open, it must be covered with a clean substance to prevent the foreign body from falling into the cylinder, resulting in serious damage to the internal parts after the engine is started. If you need to replace a new fastener, its size and strength must be the same.

3. In the maintenance of foreign aircraft fuel system, the engine must be shut down, the battery power to disconnect, isolated fire. Put dry fuel and keep it closed. Maintenance work must be carried out in well-ventilated areas, and attention to prevent the occurrence of leakage.

4. Check whether the rubber ball and fuel line for oiling are cracked, swell, oil spill, hardening and so on. If there is any damage, replace it immediately. And pay attention to regular cleaning and replacement of oil and water separator.

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