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Outside the plane accidental water treatment approach
Sep 27, 2017

Freshwater specific treatment steps

(1) to reset the outboard motor.

(2) Remove the top cover.

(3) rinse the outside of the engine with water, remove the mud, weeds, etc .; if you find a sand into the power components, the engine parts may be damaged, in this case, absolutely can not start the engine again.

(4) Remove the ECU from the engine, drain the water in the MAP sensor hose as much as possible, and remove the hose from the ECU.

(5) speak ECU into the incubator, at 50 degrees Celsius under 2 hours after drying out.

(6) test the ECU with an electronic fuel injection tester to see if the test readings meet the requirements.

(7) Remove the spark plug, the engine placed horizontally, so that the spark plug mounting holes down, slowly turn the flywheel, try to drain the power of the components in the water.

(8) turn the engine over, pour the ethanol from the spark plug mounting hole into the cylinder, and slowly turn the flywheel to clean the power assembly.

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