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Some Common Faults Analysis of Outboard
Sep 27, 2017

Outboard machine structure design compact, stable performance, high technology content, the normal use of the process, the failure rate is low. Generally due to improper use of artificial failure, common faults have the following

  1. The starter motor can not start the engine

cause of issue:

      (1) start fuse blown.

      (2) outboard motor control box gear is not allocated to neutral.

      (3) battery power shortage, or electric start line loosening caused by poor contact.

      (4) Ignition key switch has problem.

      (5) Other electrical wiring connections are faulty.

      (6) There is a problem with the starting motor or starting coil.

   2. Outboard engine can not start

cause of issue:

      (1) The emergency flameout switch is not in the running position (ie, the RUN position).

      (2) The starting procedure is incorrect.

      (3) the quality of gasoline, but off.

      (4) outboard motor into the engine.

      (5) spark plugs are dirty or damaged.

      (6) Ignition system components are damaged.

      (7) fuel system problems, the possible reasons are: fuel tank without oil. The fuel tank vent is not open or blocked. The fuel pipe is disengaged or kinked. Forget to squeeze the rubber ball with oiling. There is a problem with the check valve of the rubber ball for starting the oiling. The fuel filter is blocked. Fuel pump is faulty. Fuel tank filter blocked.

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