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Teach you how to use an outboard motor properly
Sep 27, 2017

The requirements for the use of outboard motors are as follows:

  1. In the ship (vehicle) in the full floating state, before the use of outboard motor.

  2. When necessary, use it as required to be fixed on the tail box tail plate, and immediately connected to the control of the flexible shaft and control cable, and the pipeline, and the power cord connected to the car terminal box (power 12 volts).

  3. The direction of rotation of the steering wheel of the outboard unit is the same as that of the ship (vehicle).

  4. The ship (vehicle) must perform the test in the water before performing the sea (water) mission.

The specific method is:

      (1) choose a little water gradient of the waters, the outboards installed according to the requirements and carefully checked, so that it from a certain angle (not touch the ground).

      (2) ship (vehicle) slowly into the water, to the half-floating when the outboard machine.

      (3) the control box placed in the neutral position, start the outboard to idle (a start can not start to identify the reasons to start).

      (4) The ship (vehicle) continues to enter the full floating state, hang up the forward file and then hang up the reverse file, check outboard and control device work (water can be shut down, restart test).

      (5) If you need to login, to choose a good landing point. The ship (vehicle) before the ground off the outboard and start to a certain angle.

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