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The exciting force of marine propeller
Jan 11, 2018

The exciting force of marine propeller

The mechanism of marine propeller that arouses the disturbing force of torsional vibration is generally divided into two types, one is the so-called surface force, and the other is the bearing force. The surface force is the force acting on the surface of the ship's hull by the variation of the hydraulic pressure of the propeller blade rotating in the water.

The disturbing force of a marine propeller caused by a torsional vibration is generally characterized by the following points:

1) interference force is composed of Ye Pin (axial speed X propeller blade number) and its multiple times high frequency wave, but generally the composition of the blade frequency is the largest and the high-frequency component decreases with the increase of frequency.

2) the number of blades of the propeller is many, and the interference force of the vibration is small.

3) the farther the hull's surface is from the propeller, the less the water pressure is changed.

4) the cavitation will increase the interference force.

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