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What are the maintenance methods for the Water Pump Impeller?
Feb 23, 2018

What are the maintenance methods for the Water Pump Impeller?

First, check the influent water quality of the Water Pump Impeller. According to the inspection situation, we should use washing well (air compressor or other machinery), and set up the fence to improve the water quality. It can effectively reduce the sediment content of water (generally stipulated that the volume ratio of sand content in well water should not be more than 0.02%) and the content of sundries.

2. Lift or lift the water faucet of the pump and the inlet horn so that it can leave the sediment. In general, it is good to leave the bottom of the well for more than 1 meters, and not less than 0.5 meters.

Open the pump body, the installation location and installation quality inspection seal clearance, Water Pump Impeller ring (the positioning key impeller whether movement, the locking nut is off or loose and the clearance between the impeller and the pump shell is in accordance with the requirements, etc.) and as the case to repair, adjust or replace. Finally, the water pump is properly assembled as required. When the pump is assembled, it is necessary to ensure the installation accuracy of the pump.

(4) to open the pump body and check the wear and fixation of the impeller, the user needs to change the Water Pump Impeller of the wear-resistant material to prolong the life of the impeller.

The elimination of cavitation factor, improve the anti cavitation performance, as appropriate to reduce water pump installation height (to correctly calculate the pump mounting height).

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