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What is an Impeller Pump?
Jan 24, 2018

An impeller pump is used to move a liquid through a piping system. This type of device is very common, and may be used in many different fluid system applications. Impeller pumps are excellent for use with liquids that contain impurities, such as solids, because they do not clog easily. Selecting the right impeller pump for a specific application is usually based on the type of fluid, flow rate, and operating conditions, such as temperature and pressure.

The main parts of an impeller pump are the housing or casing, the impeller mechanism, motor, and support bearings. The pump housing typically consists of a cavity that contains the moving parts of the pump while maintaining a liquid tight seal. A motor is used to rotate a shaft connected to the impeller inside the pump housing. The impeller mechanism is supported by the bearings. Most impeller pumps are electrically-powered, but units powered using air pressure or hydraulic fluid are also available.

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