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What is Marine engine parts? The number of cylinders in the engine? What about engine displacement?
Apr 07, 2018

The engine on the ship is used for the spare parts, usually the cylinder block, spark plug, valve, piston ring. An engine, also known as an engine, is a machine capable of transforming one form of energy into another, more useful energy, usually converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. (to convert electrical energy into machine can appellation motor) sometimes it applies to the power generator, can also refer to include power plant. The whole machine such as gasoline engines, and aircraft engine, Marine engine, and so on.

The number of cylinders in the engine.

Is the core component of engine cylinder, the piston within the cylinder for reciprocating motion, described above is the motion process of single cylinder, and the practical application of the engine are multiple cylinder (4, 6 cylinder cylinder, eight cylinder are common). We usually classify engines by the arrangement of cylinders: straight, V, or horizontal (and, of course, the W type of the Volkswagen group, which is actually two V).

The different arrangement mode makes the engine have respective advantages and disadvantages on the smoothness, manufacturing cost and exterior type, and is equipped with the corresponding automobile.

About engine displacement.

Mixture of compression and combustion in combustion chamber, the piston reciprocating motion, you can see the change of the combustion chamber volume, the maximum and the minimum is the difference between the displacement, using L (L) or ml (CC) to measure. The displacement of a car is usually between 1.5l and 4.0l. The displacement of each cylinder is 0.5l, and the displacement of 4 cylinders is 2.0l. If the V type is arranged in 6 cylinders, that is V6 3.0 liter. In general, displacement represents the engine's power. So increasing the number of cylinders or increasing the volume of each cylinder combustion chamber gives you more power.

Engine by mixed combustion of combustible gas and air movement, if the engine does not have enough fresh air, the combustible gas combustion is not completely, fuel economy as a result, engine power. Modern engine speed is high, can reach more than 4500 revolutions per minute, usually needed to complete a working cycle is only O.O O5 seconds or so, traditional two valve have been unable to do in such a short period of time for air, thereby limiting the improvement of the performance of the engine, the solution only expanding gas in and out of space, use a larger space to win time. The multi-valve technology is the best solution, and its emergence makes the overall quality of the engine improve substantially.

The so-called multi-valve technology is that the engine has more than two valves in each cylinder, and the specific ones are two in one, two in two, three in two, and so on. However, the excessive intake of valve will also decrease, and it will make the structure more complex, the processing technology is extremely high, and the manufacturing cost will be increased, but it is not good. So now the engine is generally USES is 3 to 5 valve structure, especially the 4 valves used more widely, and almost all of modern high-grade cars on the engine adopted many valve structure, it has become a technical indicators of modern cars, for example, jetta sedan 5 valve technology is adopted, it can make the engine under the same displacement, the output of the larger power.

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