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What is the difference between a four stroke and a two stroke engine?
Dec 21, 2017

    At the same speed as the two impulse engine than four rushed launch burning times more than once, so the power, and the two red engine than the same displacement four ramjet is much lighter in the car on the two red car so overwhelming advantage. But because the two ramjet inlet and exhaust at the same time, when the engine speed is low due to the exhaust port open for too long, there will be a mixture of fresh part together with the exhaust gas discharged from an exhaust outlet in the bottom, so the speed when the power is not high, the new engine has increased two at some parts to improve this problem such as YAMAHA YPVS, HONDA ATAC SUZUKID SAEC.

    Because of the coke produced by the engine oil and the inlet and exhaust holes on the cylinder wall, the wear of the two engine is much faster than that of the four engine. The four stroke engine to complete a work requires 4 processes: intake, compression, power and exhaust. The intake and compression stroke of two machines at the same time. The four stroke machine is mostly burn gasoline or diesel, two stroke machines are mostly burning mixed oil (i.e. a mixture of oil and petrol) the four stroke machine work most speed is about 3500 and two stroke the rotation number of the machine is much higher.

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