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What is the reason for Marine engine cost oil?
Mar 10, 2018

Modern Marine engine oil as the engine's blood, the importance of needless to say, correct understanding and use of good oil, can effectively protect our engine. It can improve the service life of the engine, and can reduce the whole fuel consumption effectively. Correspondingly, if we fail to use the oil correctly due to the incorrect understanding of the oil, we will cause a series of problems and failures. Such as increased fuel consumption, engine wear and so on. Therefore, yamaha engine merchants prompt, must choose the genuine yamaha machine oil fittings.

Sometimes we find that modern Marine engines are very expensive. What is the reason? There are six factors that can be used to analyze the yamaha accessories.

1. Is your oil viscosity wrong?

If the oil viscosity is not matched with the engine, the viscosity is lower than the engine's requirement. The oil film formed at high temperature and pressure is not thick enough. The oil is easily seeped into the combustion chamber and the oil is burned. Therefore, we should choose the oil with higher viscosity and strengthen the sealing effect, so as to reduce the oil loss.

Is the gap between the engines getting bigger?

Some vehicle kilometers long, the engine has a certain wear and clearance between the piston and piston ring is too big, lead to the oil through the gap to the combustion chamber to burning, serious blue smoke coming exhaust pipe would appear, caused the oil too much loss. When you are older, check the oil. It is generally recommended to check the oil for every 2,000 kilometers.

3. Does the piston ring fail?

Serious wear of piston ring, or its lack of elasticity can also result in burning oil. The piston ring is not elastic enough to make the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall too large, causing the oil to enter the combustion chamber to burn oil.

In addition, the ring may be the culprit. Due to the incomplete combustion of the fuel and oil, the particles deposited in the rubber and carbon are deposited in the ring groove, which causes the piston ring and the ring groove to stick to the dead, and the oil return hole is blocked, so that the scraping function of the piston ring is not effective.

Have you been negligent in putting out the piston ring?

Piston in general there are 3 piston ring, the top 2 way called gas ring, the bottom 1 is called oil ring, each ring is different, the position cannot be wrong, ring also has positive and negative points, if the wrong, the piston ring in the ring groove jumped up and down move will cause oil pump, oil pump oil into the combustion chamber caused by burn.

Is it possible that the oil is inhaled from the valve?

If the valve is worn, the oil will leak into the combustion chamber through the gap between the valve and the valve rod to cause the oil to be burned. If the oil seal of the valve guide is damaged, it will cause excessive oil leakage into the combustion chamber between the valve rod and the valve catheter to cause the oil burning.

What kind of situation will wear out the oil?

The crankcase forced ventilation system (PVC) fails, the oil will be sucked into the combustion chamber through the ventilation ducts and burned, resulting in excessive oil loss.

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