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What is the structure of the two stroke Outboard Engine ?
Jan 02, 2018

What is the structure of the two stroke Outboard Engine ?

Most of the two stroke engines use the crankcase for scavenging. The crankcase often has air intake and air intake mechanism (some types of air intake are arranged on the cylinder block), which is used as a passageway for the combustible mixture to enter the crankcase. Because the two stroke type crankcase holds the combustible mixture from the carburetor, the crankcase must maintain a high degree of seal. Between the crankcase and gearbox of motorcycle with gear with rotary shaft lip seal (referred to as the skeleton oil seal) sealed Motorcycle Crankcase with continuously variable transmission mechanism is also used to partition the skeleton oil seal, they can not communicate with each other, to avoid the gas mixture in the crankcase leakage into the transmission in the box. The crankcase of each cylinder of the two stroke multi cylinder engine is also not connected to each other so as not to escape from each other.

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