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What's the difference between a car engine and a Marine engine?
Mar 04, 2018

1. General Marine engine is belongs to the category of low-speed machine, the speed of the engine will typically below 800 RPM (except for special boat), because the Marine engine and propeller to do match, the speed of the propeller in 600-800 RPM. Considering the efficiency value of the match, excessive engine speed is not helpful. Other large cargo ships or cruise ship with engine are burning heavy oil (oil) with the worst, the engine is generally two stroke low speed machine, of course, there are high power 4-stroke medium-speed machine, medium-speed machine commonly used as the auxiliary equipment used for power generation using on board.

The car engine is more general. General commercial vehicles (heavy trucks) and construction machinery vehicles are mainly diesel engines, six-cylinder four-stroke pressure combustion type. For passenger cars (cars, etc.) are usually gasoline engines (except for special off-road vehicles), they need to be ignited by spark plugs, and the engine structure varies with different emissions.

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