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Why does the ship use a two stroke engine?
Jan 18, 2018

Why does the ship use a two stroke  engine?

1, the maximum horsepower of the 2 stroke engine is now more than 4 strokes engine, so the big ship can only choose 2 stroke engine.

2, the 2 stroke engine efficiency is high, the 4 stroke engine theory takes 4 strokes engine for one job, but the 2 stroke engineis one job as long as 2 piston strokes.

3, the 2 stroke engine has a low fuel requirement, and the fuel charge is a large proportion of the ship's operating cost. From this point of view, of course, the 2 stroke engine is selected.

4, 4 stroke engine speed, use on the ship to slow the gear box, this is the cost, the 2 stroke can directly drive the propeller

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