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A Rubber Boat Repair
Feb 03, 2018

In the process of using a rubber boat, there will be a bump and a bump.What should we do to repair a rubber boat?How to maintain when the dinghy is not used?

The repair of the dinghy.

1. First release the ship and do the cleaning.(if the ship leak, to repair the leakage ship, please don't inflate the ship) will be used for bonding PVC toluene (more than 99% of high purity) without words, with high purity of alcohol instead of (or multiple) clean water without a word as you dry. Wipe clean.Wait 10 minutes, toluene is volatile.Pay attention to dirt and other debris!Absolutely cannot bring water to glue!!The air humidity is big (rainy or rainy) also can not be glued together!!)

2. Apply the glue to the bonded PVC evenly, and we will apply it twice to ensure the quality.Do it once again, preferably three times.Wait 3 to 5 minutes for 20 degrees.The glue is dry.Look at the ambient temperature (the temperature is below 18 degrees, and the air humidity is greater than 60).Don't be too dry.It's too dry.It's good to be out of touch with the bicycle tyre.Generally 2-4 minutes is good!

3. Apply the PVC with glue and press it together, and it is better to use the electric blower to warm the edge of the hot air.If there is a heavy object, press the weight for three to four hours (with a blunt object, such as a log roll).Note that the blow-drying PVC cannot be hot, or the PVC will be damaged.

4. The weight is pressed for a few hours to check if there is a place to open the mouth. (is there any unglued joint, and if there is any glue, repeat the work above)

5. After 24 hours, everything will be ok.

The daily maintenance of inflatable boats and inflatable boats.

Don't bask in the sun for a long time.

2. Do not use it, clean it with clean water, dry it, dry it, put it away, or put it up after inflation. Don't fill it up too full. Don't be bitten by a rat.Put it in a dry, ventilated place.

Don't spend long hours in the water.

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