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Daily Maintenance Of Outboard
Dec 15, 2017

Daily Maintenance of Outboard

Last week, we talked about the solution of outboard common problem. Have you got it? This week, let’s talk about the daily maintenance of outboard.

  It is important of daily maintenance of outboard, especially the outboard used in sea water. Every time after using them, we had better start them a minute in fresh water and swill the salt in order to prevent from corrosion. It is also necessary before we planning to lay them aside in a long time.

  In addition, the fuel oil which is mixed done is easier to go bad. We suggest that the time of keeping mixed fuel oil should not over a month, especially the plastic container, it is much easier to go bad. Spoiled fuel oil will loss the lubrication and it will damage the machine badly, so we can not use it absolutely.

   So how can we do before we plan to lay our machine aside in a long time? Here the first step, you need to outlet the fuel in fuel tank and then start the motor so as to run out of the oil in carburetor, thus can avoid spoilage of the rest fuel in carburetor so as to cause starting difficult in next time. The second step is to discharge the spark plug, then add 3-5 drops 2 stroke engine oil to cylinder. Before stalling the spark plug, we should start several times in order to keep cylinder lubricant and avoid rusting. Finally, it is done after we stalling the spark plug.

  Actually, if we can maintenance our outboard in a correct way, there would be littler malfunction coming out in our outboard. Some glitches can be solved by some experienced motorcycle or car repair shop, we can provide outboard spares mail order business, if you can not solve the problem in native, you can contact us.


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