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Design Principle Of Boat Propeller
Dec 27, 2017

Design principle of Boat Propeller

Propeller is a necessary propulsion component in the shipbuilding industry. Its design accuracy will directly affect the propulsion speed of the ship, which provides thrust for the advance of the ship.

The design of propeller is an important part of the whole ship design. It is an important aspect to ensure the rapidity of the ship. The Boat Propeller design is initially completed the ship linetype design, and after estimating or using the ship model test method to determine the effective power of the hull. When a ship is sailing on the surface or in water, it suffers resistance. In order to keep the ship moving at a certain speed, we must provide a certain thrust for the ship to overcome its resistance. The thrust acting on a ship depends on the special device or mechanism to absorb the energy emitted by the main engine and convert it into thrust, and the device or mechanism that specifically absorbs and transfers energy or energy is collectively referred to as a thruster. There are many kinds of thrusters, such as windsails, civil wheels, straight blade propellers, waterjet propellers and dragon leaf propellers. The Boat Propeller has simple structure, low cost, convenient operation and high efficiency, and is currently the most widely used thruster.

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