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Hidea EFI Series Products On The METS Show In 2017
Dec 21, 2017

    The largest maritime exhibition in the world was held in Holland in November 2017. The Holland Maritime Exhibition is the weathervane of the world maritime every year, attracting a large number of maritime dealers around the world to visit or participate in the exhibition.

    In 2017, it was the ninth year exhibition of the sea's company and the largest history of the sea. With the recent years of the sea on the new product by leaps and bounds, the product chain has been greatly enriched and expanded, now has 2 stroke and 4 stroke, fuel gas, dual fuel system of outboard machine, has become the leader of the Chinese outboard machine.

    2017 Holland Shanghai exhibition company shows the full range of 4 stroke and EFI outboard machine series, especially the EFI series outboard machine has attracted industry attention. EFI outboard machine of this exhibition are F60, F40, F30, F20 and other four series of products, fully demonstrated the sea's strong ability of product design and sustainable development of the power source.

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