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How Are Motor Boats And Sailboat Engines Selected?
Mar 25, 2018

Sailboats tend to be casual, entertaining, and don't require high speed, and your ship doesn't need that much horsepower, and you don't need to be as efficient in your propulsion! As long as pay attention to safety, practical, convenient, concise is ok. The launch opportunity of the sailboat chooses to occupy the space is relatively small, the horsepower is moderate. Sailing ships, mainly sails, the most engine use is in and out of port. But some buyers say I don't need an engine. At this time you have to think, if you have no wind at sea, won't you come back?

Powerboat speed and stimulation, horsepower to enough, another way is to optimize, screw, gear box and the engine cooperate to achieve the most perfect state, how to play in the sea, do you like your purchase demand.

At the same time, the engine selection, its power size and propeller size, the captain, the ship's width and the weight of the ship has a great relationship. Two ships are like heavy 20 tons, the same engine, but a slender ship, a ship short wide, thin must be shorter than wide run fast, because the engine can push the boat up the biggest obstacle to overcome is: under the surface of hull and the frictional resistance of the water, your area is smaller, the smaller resistance, the easier your engine to drive your ship running.

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