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How Do You Replace The Propeller?
Jan 30, 2018

In the process of water drive, if if outboard machine hit the rocks, or other obstacles caused propeller is damaged, is undoubtedly a very nature of things, but we can't just like that, so if the accident, what should we do?Then listen to what the Hidea is saying.


We should replace the propeller according to the following requirements:

1. Remove the opening pin and remove the butterfly nut, washer propeller and thrust washer.

2. Install the new propeller in the reverse order.

3. Tighten the butterfly nut with hand until the propeller has no clearance.Then use the tool to tighten the butterfly nut until the butterfly nut groove is aligned with the opening pin hole.(this tool is not included in the onboard kit)

4. Make sure to update the new overhead.

Install the thrust washer and ensure that the grooved side should be geared towards the gearbox.Use the Honda original to open the pin, and as shown in the figure above, bend the end of the pin.Before replacing the propeller, the emergency stop switch should be removed to prevent the engine from accidentally starting.The propeller is thin and sharp, so wear heavy gloves to protect your hands during replacement.

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