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How Often Is The Carburetor Cleaned?
Jan 26, 2018

Carburetor cleaning is not a certain amount of time, as long as there is no dirt, oil glue to plug into, is basically don't need to open to wash, easy to get dirty is the outside of the pipes of channel section, valve (seat, joint part carbon dust), spray a little dedicated carburetor cleaner can in addition to carbon.(don't understand this cleaner for internal oil seal under any possible affect sexual, is still not offer frequent excessive use or spray too much) when feel seems to have a little not smooth, because most places over a period of time have a little kaka without operation.

General practice, as long as the replacement of old or contaminated oil, missed the residual oil in the float chamber, a run a few times more often can be improved, because in buying gasoline has been added to a number of detergent composition proportion, should help clean the interior of the carburetor oil automatically

Serious congestion, such as. After startup, abnormal flameout occur between driving oil cohesion (on) the idle by-pass oil main jet orifice oil or high speed (jam or holes smaller) speed is weak, or float chamber of the triangle and oil needle into the oil hole with rubber oil formation (can't normally open and closed), the situation will be accompanied by spilled oil (fuel oil and petrol) and oil (driving continuous oil), only need to tear open internal, bubble clean diesel components, etc.Often start to let the internal oil run, that is, the simple two stroke carburetor maintenance.

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