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How Should The Outboard Change The Spark Plug?
Jan 30, 2018

If a spark plug failure or improper installation, it is easy to cause the engine damage happens, the importance of the spark plug for engine, believes that many people know that if the spark plug to fail, the engine can't use, so after failure occurs, we need to timely replacement, Hidea company would remind at the time of change, what we need to pay attention to.


Disconnect the battery anode (-) terminal.Open and remove hood.Remove the 6 * 22mm special bolt and remove the spark plug maintenance cover.Push the lock, pull the connector between the wire connector and the ignition coil.Plastic connectors should be pulled, not wires.Use 10mm wrench to remove bolts that tighten the ignition coil.Then gently pull the starting line to remove it.Be careful not to hit or use the ignition coil to drop.If falling, replace the new ignition coil.

Remove spark plug using spark plug wrench and 19mm ring wrench.Check the spark plugs.If there is obvious wear, or if the insulator is cracked or peeled, replace immediately.Measurement of spark plug gaps with gap gauges.The gap should be between 1.0-1.3mm (0.039-0.051 in).If the gap exceeds the range, replace the new spark plug.Do not adjust the gap by yourself.Use your hand to screw all spark plug into the thread to prevent the wrong button.

After the spark plug is fixed, tighten the spark plug with the spark plug wrench so that the washer is pressed.Install the ignition coil and reinstall the bolts.. Push the wire connector to the ignition coil to ensure the lock is in place.Follow the same steps to install the other five spark plugs.Reinstall spark plug maintenance cover and hood.When installing, ensure that the spark plug maintenance cover and the gap between the hood and the engine case are not blocked by the wiring harness.

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