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How To Choose Inflatable Boat?
Feb 15, 2018

A, balance the contradiction between the water performance and portability to choose appropriate form of floor 2, according to the use of the environment to choose the right hull material three, within your budget and requirement for space to buy the biggest ship

1. Appropriate floor.

The bottom plate structure of inflatable ship directly influences the portability, convenience of installation, storage volume and performance of water performance. Synthetic plastic, fiberglass or aluminum alloy hard bottom inflatable boats with a v-shaped bottom are good for flight, but must be transported and stored on trailers and hangers. The flexible fabric bottom of the boat can fold very compact, but at the expense of some water performance. If you want the ship to take off, at least 5mph (8 kilometers per hour), then a semi-hard boat is a must.

Rubber dinghy

Economic boats, such as mini kayaks or mini kayaks, are easy to install and easy to carry. They are more suitable for use in coastal and small areas of water, fishing or camping. Their floor is inflatable, and they do not need to be removed when they are stored. Powered by OARS or electric motors, these swimming rings have the lowest price and function is basic.

Roll-up Rollup.

Similar to the former rubber dinghy, this kind of boat does not need to remove the bottom plate during transportation. One of our most popular boats, the RU260, can be opened, inflated, and launched in a matter of minutes. The floor is made of fabric and covered with planks. You don't have to take down these sticks. This boat has a tail board, so you can use a small horse power. The advantages of Rollup are simple, but the design of its flat and small horsepower drive makes it impossible to take off, only for ports and calm waters.

Sports boat

The bottom plate of a sports inflatable boat is detachable and is generally made of composite wood, synthetic plastic or aluminum alloy. The bottom plate is connected to the whole by a piece of aluminum fixed trough. The bottom plate was installed, and the bottom of the hull was compressed into a shallow v-shape after the air chamber and the conical dragon bone gas chamber were inflated, which made it better to turn and drain water than the flat boat. This base form makes it a bit heavier than a regular rubber boat, but it can be installed with a 6-25 horsepower outboard, faster, and very cost-effective.

Inflatable bottom boat

A sports boat, such as 275 or 310, replaces its wooden floor with a high pressure inflatable floor, which is the HP inflatable bottom boat (sometimes called an inflatable bottom). It combines the excellent performance of the motor craft and the lightweight portability of the soft bottom craft. Its unique high pressure inflatable floor (air pressure to 11psi) is very light. And when the air is released, it can be rolled up in the boat. It can take off immediately after it is launched, and it is amazing that we can get good performance with a small horsepower outboard. This is due to its smaller weight. For example, we have a 60lb (30KG) inflatable bottom board boat that can take off in a one-person ride with a 5 horsepower outboard drive. The boat can bend slightly to absorb the shock of the waves, and waves like those on a hard boat may throw people out. Although more expensive than regular sports boats, it brings together many advantages, not mediocrity. The installation time is very, very short!

High pressure inflatable (hp-v) inflatable boat.

The unique hp-v floor technology is a change in 2008, and its undetachable backboard is essentially the high-pressure baseplate version of the Rollups, which makes the inflatable boat almost like a RIB boat. Another change is that the hp-v base replaces the former sausage inflatable keel. Inflating the two Halkey Robert valves on the bow, the v-shaped floor becomes hard and resilient, which helps drive performance and comfort, and feels similar to the upper HP inflatable boat. But the cabin has a lower position than the flat bottom, so the low center of gravity can provide better stability than the RIB boat.

A hard - bottomed boat or crustacean.

The RIBs have a real "boat" feeling and performance, proper hardness and deep v-shaped bottom. Its fiberglass hulls can be split like regular crustaceans, and are free of wear and tear under the impact of high speed, sandy rock and canisters. But unlike a general crustaceous ship, its inflatable hull makes the hull more stable and buoyant, and is used as a tender. It will not hurt the sides of other ships.

But it has good performance and it can't be portable. The hull cannot be disassembled and cannot be carried with a folding bag. It takes up a lot of space, but it still takes up a lot of space. Therefore, we generally recommend the use of people who have conditions on the deck of the mother ship, or in the open deck where there is no gas storage or gas release. Of course its light weight also makes it easy to transport by trailer.

A compact or folding rib.

The compact RIBs have an articulated folding beam, which allows it to greatly reduce the volume of packaging, and can be taken from the roof rack to the water for 10 minutes. The hull materials are fiberglass or RIMTEC polyester fibers with a shallow v-shaped bottom. The crossbeam of the composite board is firmly attached to the inflatable tube. Use the hinge to connect the base plate to the crossbeam so that the beam can be folded when stored. You can pack it in a large zip-lock bag and look like a large surfboard. Still, the size is a bit large, and the RIBs are better suited to the front deck or Boom than the normal RIBs. It can be placed in the overhead luggage rack or the luggage compartment of the station wagon.

Two-body sports boat.

The two-body inflatable boat is the best performance of the inflatable boat type. The improved Cats and its close relatives, the sport Cats of the military inflatable boats, were the next generation of high-speed rescue boats on the coast of South Africa in the early 1980s. The boats can reach 65mph (104kph) and can be used in high winds and high waves. The sport Cats are usually two crew members, called zapCats in Britain and Europe, ThunderCats in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, and the A.P.B.A inflatable boat race in the United States. That's the NASCAR analogy. Internet GuGe and above, you will be attracted. The improved Cats are the traditional version of these incredible boats.

Ordinary flat-bottomed boat, plus two with high-pressure tracheal and high-density rubber wedge fins, water has become a cavernous can provide lifting force immediately take off hull, high-speed movement time air cushion feels very smooth. In a sharp turn, the inside of the wedge-shaped fin is occluded in the water body, and the outside of the water body is smooth, ensuring that the ship does not roll over. This way the boat can make a sharp turn at a very high speed. Extra large main air tanks and extended beams can carry more weight and maintain a more stable posture.

Modified Cats and other additional advantages: type hole hull design effectively increases the speed (can use smaller motor, less fuel consumption), very flexible and accurate reverse control (and other inflatable boats are different), with a paddle is more efficient to draw up. Finally, it can be easily dragged behind other power machines and ships.

2. Choose the right material: Hypalon rubber or PVC?

What kind of hull material you use depends on which environment you normally use. Two options: polyurethane covered with PVC and Hypalon (mask neoprene). Both of these materials are robust and reliable and can be used in any environment. But if you spend most of your time playing in the tropics, the Hypalon rubber boat will be more durable because it has better uv resistance.

The structure of the PVC and Hypalon boats is often different, but both are reliable. Some manufacturers use pressure welding technology to weld individual pieces of PVC, and the seams are even stronger than the material itself. At the same time, because the surface of PVC is more dense than Hypalon, the air pressure can be a little lower than the Hypalon.

The Hypalon inflatable boat (and some PVC inflatable boats) are usually bonded together with high strength adhesives. Compared with the automatic welding of PVC, this is a labor-intensive production mode and the weakness of some cheap boats. Therefore, this manual work must pay attention to the quality.

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