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How To Choose The Right Material For An Inflatable Sport Boats
Jan 07, 2018

Choose the right material: Hypalon rubber cloth or PVC?

What kind of hull material you use depends on what environment you usually use. The two choice: PVC and Hypalon (masked chloroprene rubber nylon) on the cover of poly Yaan ester. These two materials are very strong, durable and reliable, and can be used in any environment. But if you play in the tropics most of the time, the Hypalon rubber yacht will be more durable because it is more resistant to ultraviolet light.

The structure of the PVC and Hypalon boats is different at many times, but the two are all very reliable. Some manufacturers use pressure welding technology to weld a piece of PVC, and the joints are even stronger than the material itself. At the same time, because the surface of the PVC is more compact than the Hypalon, the air pressure can be a little lower than that of the Hypalon rubber yacht.

Hypalon inflatable ships (and some PVC inflatable boats) are generally bonded with high strength adhesives. Compared with the automatic welding factory of PVC, this is a labor-intensive production mode, and also a weakness of some cheap boats. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of manual operation.

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