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How To Clean Carburetor?
Jan 26, 2018

Tools to be prepared:

1. A small box used to put down to the small parts, to avoid losing, pack good after falling can also check for small parts, it is very important, especially beginners have no experience, I met a lot of diy after dismantling the outfit will not come up, installed, or losing things forget the machine won't catch fire, or carburetor oil, machine run up and so on.

2. The carburetor needs to prepare 1 phillips screwdriver, 1 small screwdriver, 1 screwdriver with medium size, and a bottle of carburetor cleaner.PS: because each model is different, about how to remove the carburetor from the machine, you think, it is very simple, as long as you can do it yourself.

3. The preparation work well began to test your ability, the first flower with a cross screwdriver remove the carburetor panel, and then break down the oil cup body, so that we can clearly see the various components inside the carburetor, spend the next cross screwdriver, remove the needle valve pin screw pin to remove the needle valve, float, needle valve, open when must pay attention to is how to install the needle valve.With medium then cross screwdriver remove the master gauge hole, and then we'll see the main nozzle in it, then we just reversed the carburetor, gently pat, primary nozzle could fall out myself (pay attention to the main nozzle which upside, which upside down), then on to the next step, with the hand put black rubber cap to dig down, with a small word screwdriver remove the idle orifice.Began to wash the carburetor dismantled, with carburetor cleaner to clean the orifice primary nozzle orifice in idle speed, and then cleaning the carburetor ontology, ontology has a lot of small eyes, using a detergent to fix attention on a bursts, after cleaning, check if open, without sundry.

4. The installation process must keep clean, avoid clutter again into the carburetor, according to the split step, in turn, installed, and then put the carburetor loaded on the machine, squeezing the hand pump, check the carburetor not oil leakage, if the carburetor oil at the top, should check whether float, float needle pin is not installed.

5. Need to notice: don't put the cleaning agent, in the eye if you accidentally get eyes should be cleaned with water as soon as possible (used to get, super painful), don't forget to put a black rubber cap when installation, cleaning after a component can pick it up, to the sun, you can see through the small eye to light, so that we can check whether clean.

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