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In 2017, China Will Become The Largest Shipbuilding Country In The World.
Feb 11, 2018

According to the data released by the world's most authoritative shipping and shipbuilding institutions, China is the world's leading manufacturer of shipbuilding industry in 2017. Than any of the three major indexes well packaged, more exciting is the shipbuilding industry in our country has gradually from the following generic toward personalized haute couture stage, a number of high-end ship is becoming a development of Marine resources, construction of the Marine power, shipbuilding capabilities have made great progress in our country.

According to the data released by the new global authoritative shipping and shipbuilding institutions, China is the first in the world in terms of the three major shipbuilding indexes in the world in 2017. In addition, the number of new orders and hand orders of China's shipbuilding industry in 2017 is also the largest in the world. Not only that, in 2017, many of the world's largest cities are from China. The world's first 38800 tons ship by international classification society certification intelligence ships, 6000 tons of the world's most advanced stone damper, the world's largest 38000 cubic meters of ethylene carrier, at present these high-end ship type has been successful delivery.

Climb to the top in adversity

The three indexes are the important basis for the industry to measure the scale and strength of shipbuilding industry. From the 1950s to the beginning of the 21st century, Japan or South Korea accounted for the top three indicators. In 2010, China surpassed South Korea for the first time in the world, and maintained for many years.

In the first half of 2017, Korean shipbuilders took orders of 256 million tons (CGT), accounting for 34 percent of the world's shipments, and once again the world no.1 in five years. At that time, the Korean media predicted that the future of the shipbuilding industry in South Korea was also very clear. Several shipbuilding companies, including samsung heavy industries, said they had signed a letter of intent to build dozens of ships, with orders expected to rise further in the second half of the year.

However, according to the latest data, China's shipbuilding industry achieved a success in the second half of the year, and reached the top in adversity.

China shipbuilding industry association Guo Dacheng said that in 2017 China's shipbuilding completions accounted for 41% of world market share, new orders (42.4%), handheld orders (44%), "it should be said that in this difficult case to this degree is very not easy."

Personalized advanced customization.

Among the three major shipbuilding indexes, the most gold content is the new order volume. In 2017, China's growth rate is the largest, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%. Behind the quantitative change is the overall improvement of the quality of China's shipbuilding industry.

China shipbuilding industry economic and market research center director zhang jing said, China's shipbuilding industry develop very fast in recent years, basically all ship type can be made, including Japan and South Korea did not dare to touch the luxury cruise ship.

China also beat its rival in 2017 to receive orders for the world's largest 22,000 boxes of dual-fuel super-large container ships. The ship's biggest feature is that it will consider more and more stringent international maritime requirements and is a highly customized ship.

"All shipowners want to load more, burn less oil and minimize operating costs. For designers, there is no better boat type, only the most suitable type of ship. In fact, it's from quantitative to qualitative, from our previous imitations to the creation, to the current market in sync with the whole market." Yu lai, deputy director of the civil ship department of the Chinese ship and Marine engineering design institute.

More in 2017, the world's first smart from China, including the world's first ship through the most authoritative British international raul ship classification society certification of 38800 tons of intelligence, the world's largest 38000 cubic meters of ethylene carrier, global monomer space is the largest and highest level of automation, sea fishing grounds, at present these high-end ship form has been successful delivery.

Helping to build a maritime power.

As the largest shipbuilding country in the world, a number of high-end ships are becoming a powerful tool for the development of Marine resources.

In domestic first pelagic fishery resources survey ship "battle of navigation", for example, in the first experiment, the ship's photo equipment can be down to the water depth of 3000 meters, the plankton in situ pictures quickly, and automatically identify the creature type. Last year, China's most advanced comprehensive geological survey ship, "ocean geology 10", was successfully delivered.

Yang jun, chief designer of the Marine geology survey 10, the 701 research institute, said the ship's drilling capacity was 1,400 meters, making it possible to drill for ice in the south China sea.

In addition, one of the world's leading deep-water heaters are also flowing into the water. Jiaolong has completed 152 experimental applications and has a depth of more than 7000m. The "deep sea warrior" is also conducting experiments, and there will be more and more undersea secrets to be discovered in the future.

At present, the domestic Marine equipment, represented by the manned deep-sea submersible, has been able to cover Marine scientific research, ocean mineral resources development, search and rescue, tourism and tourism. China is taking solid steps to build a strong maritime power in the sea.

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