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Kayaking Skills
Jul 03, 2018

A) at first, sit on the kayak in a positive posture. Raise your right arm until your elbow is in front of your eyes, and your hands extend to the outside of your left side, just higher than your left shoulder. Raise your left hand, open your hands, side by side, palm outward and upward.

B) turn both the face and the shoulders to the left. You lean to the left and back as much as you want to put your left shoulder under the surface.

C) to the left of the boat. When the body is underwater, it swings like a pendulum. It should be straight and slightly backward.

D) before the pendulum starts to swing back to the vertical state, it will lean farther to the left and straighten your left arm. The trick is to head the actual top to the back deck, and keep your hands as close as possible to the water surface. With both hands down to hit the water, and at the same time, the body is very smooth back to lie down and do the hip.

E) your hands will go over your head and go down to the other side. When the left arm begins to fall over the right shoulder, the left arm has no more pressure on the water body, but many people find that at the last moment of the roll, it is a key benefit to throw the left arm out of the left arm at the last moment of the roll.

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