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Structural Composition Of Boat Propeller
Dec 27, 2017

Structural composition of Boat Propeller

The Boat Propeller blades are usually composed of commonly known as propellers, and hub. The joint part of the Boat Propeller and the tail axis is called the hub, and the hub is a cone. In order to reduce the resistance of water, a fairing is added to the back end of the hub, and a smooth streamline form is formed with the hub, called the hub cap.

The part of the Boat Propeller that produces thrust in the water is called the blade, and the blade is fixed on the hub. The ordinary propeller is often 3 or 4 leaves, 2 leaves are used only for motorized boats or boat propellers, in recent years, some ships (such as large power, large tonnage tanker) to avoid vibration with 5 or 5 leaves above the propeller.

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