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Summary Of Motor Boats
May 30, 2018

A motor boats is a kind of sports activity that is driven by a motor boats powered by a gasoline engine, a diesel engine or a turbojet engine on the water, which originated in the late 19th century. The key technologies for maneuvering motor boats are sailing, speeding, winding, passing and sprinting.

Motor boats can be divided into racing boats (ships), sports boats (ships), yachts (ships), launches, jet skis, air cushion (boat) boats, jet (boat) boats and so on.

Folding principle

The operating principle of the motor boats is the same as that of an aircraft wing. When the two engines are fully powered, the two wing wings lift off the water surface. At this moment, the air will slide across the two wings to form an air cushion. The hull is lifted by the buoyant force generated by this air cushion. . When a well-constructed F1 racing boat enters at full speed, only the wing-tip propeller and a short part of the hull come into contact with the water surface.

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