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Testing Procedures For Ship Engines.
Mar 25, 2018

Parameter detection engine can't just look at the engine nameplates target, each engine is fixed on a small plaque, the plaque can't easily destroyed, its technical parameters: the emblem diameter, number of cylinders, fuel consumption (some would mark on it), but how well we to prove that the engine can not only see the surface.

Step 1: engine appearance inspection before starting.

The new engine, in the unused state, looks very clean. We can see if there is oil and water leaking on his fuselage, and whether there is no oil on the outside, especially if the dead Angle is not easy to see. At the same time, we should check all the circuit devices, whether the installation is reliable, whether the cable connector is intact and so on.

Step 2: start listening.

When you start the engine, listen to his voice. It's smooth and smooth. A good engine doesn't have noise, and when the engine is in bad shape, you hear a lot of noise.

Step 3: test run.

The trial run is mainly to try the transmission device to see if his reaction is sensitive. When pushing the accelerator, the engine speed follows. If you put it on the forward gear, the boat will move. Then it is the forward backward cooperation, the gear box combination is very smooth; If all three requirements are met, the chances of an engine failure are slim. But we can't say to let him there is no noise, from static to movement, gear box is sure to pass this process, therefore, slightly into the gear mesh is no problem, if the sound is very strange, or abnormal vibration, then drive system has a problem.

If the manufacturer doesn't want to show you what's inside the cabin, it's probably a bit of a catch. So it is better not to buy, and not to suffer. Buy transparently, don't be fooled...

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