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The Differences Between Two Stroke Outboard And Four Stroke Outboard
Dec 28, 2017

The Differences Between Two Stroke Outboard Motor and Four Stroke Outboard Motor

1.      Structure and Weight

The working method of 2 stroke outboard is easier than 4 stroke outboard, so it's structure is simpler than 4 stroke outboard. There are less parts in 2 stroke outboard than in 4 stroke outboard. As a result, 2 stroke outboard is more light than 4 stroke outboard.

2.      Fuel Efficiency

If your outboard motor is used for shipping or working or you need to use them several hours a day even more time, the fuel efficiency of 2 stroke and 4 stroke will be reflected out. Under the same horse power, 4 stroke outboard motor can save more 30% fuel than 2 stroke outboard. On the other way, the more you drive, the more fuel would be save in 4 stroke outboard. It is also the reason why there are more and more fisherman choosing 4 stroke outboard but not 2 stroke.

From the perspective of environment, 2 stroke outboard is conflicted with current environmental protection concept, since the working method of 2 stroke outboard is too simply so that fuel can not be burn out and there will be high residue level in the exhaust emissions of 2 stroke outboard motor.

1.jpg3.      Gasoline and engine oil

2 stroke outboard motor needs the oil mixture which is mixed by gasoline and engine oil. It means that there should be the oil mixture in fuel tank. There is no special engine oil fill orifice for 2 stroke engine and it is unnecessary to fill engine oil for lubrication, it is lubricated when burning.

4 stroke outboard motor is more like automobile engine. There is special fill orifice in it's body and it needs to add engine oil in moderation for lubricating crankshaft and other gears. In addition, wasted engine oil need to be outlet at set intervals and we should replace fresh engine oil according to machine model so as to keep high-performance of engine.

4.      Noise and shake

Because of different method of working and exhausting, even with the same brand and the same horsepower, the noise and the shake in 2 stroke outboard motor are much bigger than in 4 stroke outboard motor. But the 2 stroke outboard motor’s explosive power, accelerated speed and flexibility are much better than 4 stroke engine because of it's simpler structure. With the improvement of technology on 4 stroke outboard motor, those differences between 2 stroke outboard motor and 4 stroke outboard motor are gradually minishing.

5.      Maintainability

Due to the feature of simply structure of 2 stroke outboard motor (for example, the parts such as the number of crankshaft is much less than 4 stroke outboard engine), it is more convenient to maintain 2 stroke outboard engine.


Sum up: If the frequency of use is not so high, just use for fishing or amusement , you can choose 2 stroke outboard motor. It will be more substantial. But if the frequency of use is high, 4 stroke outboard motor is better.

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