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The Important Points When We Buy Inflatable Life Raft
Jan 09, 2018

Boat Life Raft is the necessary equipment on board, on board a ship or on board from the point of view of maritime safety.

Inflatable Life Raft .As the name suggests, a SOLAS Life Raft can be folded and stored without use or inflate it in an emergency .

In addition, ships at sea must use life SOLAS Inflatable Life Rafts or similar forms of safety equipment. Except small sized recreational vessels.

There are several factors need to considerat and these factors need to be strictly observed, since any defect poses a potential risk to humans.So let's see what are the important points when we buy inflatable life raft .

The first thing that needs to be considered is about the operational distance of the boat. There are three types marine life rafts are available in the market now – SOLAS A,SOLAS B and COASTAL.

In contrast,it is not mandatory for those boats with life rafts but it is the owner's personal choice.The life rafts should comply on SOLAS standards.

The second thing is cost .We considerate the cost and choose the suitable brand and price tags when we plan to buy .

The third thing is life raft material .Becuase the material matters a lot in terms of marine safety offered.Life raft common used are rubber and PVC (polyvinylchloride).

The forth thing is the life raft capacity and size .We need to considerate them and choose the suitable type in order to ensure that lives are not lost.

The fifth thing is survival equipment packs.SEP is the equipment that is stored on the raft and used in emergency situations.Including torch, first aid equipment, signal device and medicine.

Finally the life raft need to periodic check and monitor is required to be carried out on a regular basis

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