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The Main Classification Of Carburetor
Dec 28, 2017

    The carburetor is divided into a simple carburetor and a complex carburetor. Carburetor can also be divided into lower suction type and flat suction type. The carburetor is divided into the type of the throttle, and it can be divided into rotating and lifting. The rotary throttle is a disc shaped throttle which revolves around the shaft between the carburetor throat and the intake pipe, and changes the circulation area of the intake port. The lifting throttle is constructed as a bucket shaped plate throttle, which moves upward and downward at the throat and changes the area of the throat. The motorcycle carburetor mostly adopts this form. Another kind of carburetor is a mixture of the two. It uses human to control rotary throttle and control the lifting throttle with diaphragm, which is also commonly used on motorcycles, called CV.

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