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The Method Of Replacing Engine Oil On The Outside Of The 4 Stroke Ship?
Jan 31, 2018

For below 30 horsepower 4 stroke outboard machine, replace the engine oil (engine oil) process is basically the same, go to a 4 and 5 horsepower machine as an example to do a simple introduction:

1. The first is to put the machine in the bottom of the first open the oil drain screw, the old oil out, completely put dry may require 30 to 60 minutes, remember to turn the inside of the hood and 4 stroke machine fuel tank filling holes open, can increase the permeability, oil drain will be faster.

2. After oil drain inorganic oil flow out, the screws are installed, and then from yellow machine head oil filling oil contents, be careful not to add too full, see yellow lid calibration can be reached.

3. After a period of time the running of the machine, probably a couple of hours, check the plane of the oil tank capacity, because just add good oil could have in the air, so after a period of time running air will be ruled out, basically should be reduced, so the appropriate increase oil is normal.

The whole replacement process is completed.

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