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The Solution Of Outboard Common Problem
Dec 02, 2017

The Solution of Outboard Common Problem

There are some problems when our hidea outboard users use outboards. A lot of users would at the loss when they meet those problems and they do not know how to solve those problems.  For solving this problem, the author will give a simple introduction here:

1.The problem that it is hard to ignite the outboard when use it at the first time.

The cylinder and the route of oil in new start motor are unused and there is no fuel in them, therefore it will be in trouble when starting it. We need to try several times. However things will be easy after we succeed one time. In general case, we will success just one time or at most 3 to 5 times manually to ignite the motor after that. We can adjust the throttle in moderation when start the machine. There are 3 gears in throttle, it will be ok to pull 2 levels moderately. For more specific operations, we should control by ourselves in the process of starting.

2.The function of emergency stop switches rope(the red rope )in outboard.

One head of red rope in machine should be put in red emergency stop switch which is on the cover of machine and another head should be fixed on driver’s wrist, so that the boat will not drive away from the driver as the rope can switch off the start motor once driver drop into the water when driving.   

3.The water outlet of machine do not drain

The machine needs to be the status of spraying water in the process of working and this is the normal status of cooled engine. If you find the spraying hole do not spray, please stop driving. The start motor would revolve in high speed while accelerating on the status of neutral gear, it will cause this situation, so the start motor should be avoid revolving in a high speed! Since the water outlet is small, so there may be something in river would block it, please check over in time!  

OK! Today the author has answer 3 questions, she will give more solutions later. 

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