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The Solution Of Outboard Common ProblemⅡ
Dec 06, 2017

The Solution of Outboard Common Problem

Last week, the author had explained 3 normal problems when using outboard. Today, we will continue to talk about another several problems.

4. The problem that reverse gear becomes forward gear

   There were some users saying that sometimes the reserve gear would become forward gear. Actually, it is mainly because that the reset spring has not spring up in time when changing the gear and the main reason is changing over to reverse gear straightly when going forward with high speed. The correct operate way is to slow down, then shift to the neutral gear, then shift to the reverse gear after remaining a while.

5. The usage of outboard fuel tank

   We should close the switch of inner fuel tank when we use the external fuel tank, otherwise the oil in external fuel tank and a part of air will enter into the external fuel tank when we pull. In addition, we should pinch the hand pump (the round ball) several times before using the external fuel tank in order to start engine easily.

6. Usage instruction

  Some users are used to studying in bucket or water channel at home, this operation is allowed but before start engine we should ensure that propeller and water pump are submerged in water, what’s more, we should shift the forward gear when engine is running, do not accelerate in the status of neutral gear and take care if the cooling water in outboard machine outlet hole is normal. The red line is water position line, we need to ensure the lowest waterline.

7. The solution of the problem that ‘submerged cylinder’

   An incorrect start way will cause the phenomenon of ‘submerged cylinder’. The ‘Submerged cylinder refers to the phenomenon that fuel oil accumulates in cylinder because of several failure start (because every time to pull the rope, there is corresponding gasoline will enter into cylinder). This is bad for star

ting engine and redundant gasoline will leak from spark plug.

   The solution is tearing the spark plug out, pulling the start rope, exhausting the gasoline then backing on it.

 8. The way to replace outboard gear oil  

For outboard, no matter 2 stroke or 4 stroke, high horsepower or low horsepower, it is the same to replace the outboard gear oil. It is the process that break up 2 bolts, then drain oil , fill oil. Done!

 9. The way to replace engine oil of 4 stroke outboard

   The way to replace engine oil of 4 stroke outboard below 30 horsepower is normally same

   a, First, open the oil outlet bolt which is on the bottom of the machine, drain the old machine oil completely, It may costs 30-60 minutes, meanwhile, open the fill orifice of 4 stroke fuel tank which is in the engine, it will be more breathable and can accelerate the speed of oil outlet;

   b, Then after there is no engine oil draining through oil outlet orifice, install the bolt, then fill engine oil from engine oil tank which engine top cover is yellow but pay attention to that engine oil should not be so full, it is ok to reach to the scale line on yellow cover.

   C, Finally after engine running about several hours, check the capacity of engine oil tank. Since there may be some air fixed in the engine oil that is filled just now and they will be eliminated after running some times, so it is normal to fill some engine oil to it.


  I hope above information would be helpful to you! No matter if you have already own a machine or you just want to acquaint the acknowledge about outboard, you can contact me by e-mail Spares01@outboardcn.com or call my phone+8686927550.

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