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Understanding The Strokes
Jan 04, 2018

    Both types of engines burn fuel through four distinct processes, known as “strokes.” How quickly they complete these strokes is one of the biggest differences, but they both will perform all four at some point.

    Intake is the first stroke. This is when the piston travels down the cylinder while the intake valve is opened to allow a mixture of fuel and air to enter the combustion chamber. Next comes compression. Here the intake valve is closed and the piston travels back up the cylinder, thereby compressing the gasses. Combustion happens when the spark plug ignites the compressed gas, causing it to explode; this forces the piston down. Finally is exhaust, the final step that happens when the piston rises up the cylinder as the exhaust valve is opened, allowing the piston to clear the chamber to start the process over. Each time the piston rises and falls it turns the crankshaft that is responsible for turning the wheels or propelling a non-wheeled vehicle. This is how fuel is converted into forward motion.

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