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What Is The Difference Between A Kayak And A Rowing Boat
Jul 03, 2018

Canoeing is actually the general name of the two projects of Kayak and Canoe, all developed by ancient important transport canoes. According to the difference in equipment used by the boating, there are considerable differences in kayak and rowing in athletic sports: kayak is a rowing man sitting in a boat, using a double blade propeller as a motive force, and rowing is a rowing man kneeling on a single leg in a boat and using a single blade propeller as a motive force; in addition, a boat and a rowing boat are in the shape of the boat and the method of holding the oar. And the technical movements are also completely different.

The canoeing project, one of the most gold medals in the Olympic Games, is divided into two major events in the speed race and the torrents of the rapids. There are 16 subitems below: men: 500 meters single / double kayaking, 1000 meter single / double kayaking, 1000 meter four people kayaking, 500 meters single / double canoeing, 1000 meter single / double canoeing, and single kayak. The single rowing boat and the double rowing canoe are 12. Women: 500 meter single / double kayak, 500 meter four person kayak, single kayak torrent swirling, a total of 4. In the Olympic canoeing competition, athletes from European countries, especially Germany and Hungary, have great competitiveness.



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