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Why Do Foreign Countries Buy Chinese Ship Engines? Because Advanced? That's All You Need To Know.
Mar 25, 2018

Russia recently purchase Chinese ship diesel engine, installed on its domestic frigate, spread the news caused a sensation, after China's diesel engine is divided into ship machine, Marine steam turbine, gas turbine and Marine nuclear reactor.

China's level of ship diesel machine introduced after the building of the republic of China in the low-speed diesel machine and high-speed diesel will be the basis of relevant technology of the reverse, and developed a lot of Marine diesel machine, although the early developed by Jacqueline Nottingham class frigates for high-speed diesel machine is restricted, low-speed diesel machine adopted civilian vessels, but the Chinese shipbuilding engineer or its completion, Jacqueline Nottingham class frigates become China the first artillery frigates, speed and preliminary satisfactory.

Johnson reef of the nansha islands conflict in the 80 s made the immortal feats in naval warfare, the Chinese type 053 frigate after finished the self-developed high speed diesel machine column, in the 80 s after China joined in the free world, China has imported from Germany and France the different models of high-speed diesel machine, and then authorized to copy, because the Chinese have developed related diesel machine before experience, in the 80 s after the introduction of the international market diesel machine can be quickly copied, finally successfully lead against each other.

In to form A complete set of 052 A and 052 c and 052 d, China shipbuilding engineer after the end of 054054 A diesel machine received A considerable amount of experience, successful, China has completed the world's largest bore on ship diesel machine, power nearly 70000 horsepower, the world's largest Marine diesel power machine for 110000 horsepower.

China is at the top of the world in its diesel engine. And Marine steam turbine is based on the Soviet union made in research and development of a steam turbine, on the basis of the research and development manufacturing improved after the new steam turbines, even in liaoning, using a steam turbine, thus steam turbine technology has not been eliminated by history.

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